Cảm biến điện dung SA140BCU0250

Finetek SA Series Capacitance Level Switch Sensor

Finetek electrolycalypable level switches for liquids or solids can be used in environmental types such as liquids, pastes (lake powders), syrups, powders, small bees, cotton, mite. Its sturdy architecture and wide application give it a flexibility across all industries. Call signaling switches are based on the principle of electrolytity (the ability of an environment to store electrical energy). When a circuit has two separate conduction, the space between the versions acts as a capacitor and electrical energy flow. Environments with different conductability and ambient constants affect their ability to flow electrical energy. When the switch is in contact with the environment, it can detect changes in the surroundings and launch the corresponding switch. Materials with high conductance and high electrolysym constants such as water tend to have high capacity. The opposite material is suitable for low-yielding substances such as popcorn, wax or air. Therefore the switch works well in environments with a rather high electrolyt solvent constant or a conductive solution.


  • There is a mass connection test function
  • Maximum operating temperature 800 degrees Celsius
  • Adjustable sensitivity and latency


  • Standard models (SA110 and SA111) suitable for general application
  • High temperature models (SA120 and SA128) suitable for high temperature environments
  • Corrosion resistant models (SA130 and SA132) suitable for corrosive environments
  • Models with sculptor tubes (SA140) used for fish vibrator with tanks
  • Models with wire tubes (SA150) suitable for large tanks
  • Models with tubes (SA160) suitable for the low positions and bees of the tank surface

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Introductory videos:

SA110A+ Standard Version Electrolytable Sensor

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