PSA N2 Generator System

Kashiwa PSA N2 Generator System (PSA: Pressure Swing Adsorption)


PSA N2 generator is the system to employ Molecular Sieving Carbon (MSC) to separate the components of pressurized air delivered by an air compressor and extract high-purity (95~99.99%) N2 gas

PSA N2 generator system
PSA N2 generator system


The system mainly consists of –

  • Air compressor to pressurize and feed air into the packed towers
  • Packed tower unit assembling the adsorption columns, main control panel and oxygen analyzer
  • Other components such as N2 receiver tank, pressure reducing valve unit, and monitor panel

System Features and Advantages

N2 can be extracted from air by means of Molecular Sieving Carbon’s property (MSC) that adsorbs a large amount of oxygen much faster than nitrogen under pressurized condition. Once the pressure is released, adsorbed oxygen is desorbed and MSC is restored to the original state.

The adsorption and desorption process are alternately repeated in the plural adsorption columns filled with MSC in a cycle that matches the specific characteristic of MSC to constantly produce high-purity N2 gas.

Same as the membrane system, PSA system is also able to produce so clean and dry N2 gas that it is very fitting for chemical and product tankers which cargoes have to be kept away from any impurities.

Introduction Movie

Kashiwa PSA N2 Generator System (PSA: Pressure Swing Adsorption)

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