Portable VOCs gas detector

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that are present in the gas phase at ordinary room temperature. The term VOC covers a wide range of chemical compounds that are both man-made or naturally occurring. Some VOCs are harmful to human health or can cause environmental damage. Although volatile organic compounds are usually not acutely toxic, they often cause long-term health effects from continuous low level exposure.

Portable VOCs gas detector by Honeywell RAE systems, a world leader in PID devices offers a range of handheld devices designed to fit your needs. The MiniRAE 3000 series of devices are handheld PIDs coming in a variety of lamp strengths.

For jobs such as HVAC where you need a more sensitive sensor the Portable VOCs gas detector ppbRAE 3000 can detect particulate in parts per billion. This contrasts to the parts per million of other sensors.

Finally for remote site monitoring the ToxiRAE Pro PID features wireless connectivity. This allows it to communicate worker status back with headquarters.

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