Kashiwa Inert Gas Generator System (IGG)

Kashiwa Inert Gas Generator System (IGG)


IGG first burns diesel oil or fuel oil A with the equipped burner and sends the combustion gas to its scrubber for cooling and purification to generate clean inert gas.


The system mainly consists of inert gas generator (IGG) unit (burner, scrubber, control panel etc.), monitor panel, F.O. pump unit, fans, oxygen analyzer, control valves and backflow preventer and is controlled by the control panel equipped with the IGG unit.

The backflow preventer has two options: deck water seal or double block & bleed valve.

System Features

This system can supply cleaner inert gas than IGS utilizing combustion gas from auxiliary boilers.

Turndown combustion (4:1)

It means to vary the ratio of flammable gas and oxygen for combustion in order to run the system at the most efficient load for unloading capacity of cargos, contributing to reducing the running cost.

Kashiwa Inert Gas Generator System (IGG)

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