Gas detector, Level sensor & Oil/Chemical tanker equipment

Marine Equipment

TES Industry have more than 10 years experience in field of supply Marine equipment and Focus to Oil/Chemical tanker projects. We supply to almost Shipyard, Ship owner and contractor and Cover all Vietnam market.

Cargo monitoring Equipment for Oil / Chemical tanker

Oil and Chemical tanker have Cargo hold and Pump room where need monitoring all parameter ie: Level, Temperature, Pressure, Combustible gas. We supply almost automation and measuring equipment for Oil / Chemical tanker: Cargo hold level / pressure / temperature monitoring system; Pump temperature / pressure monitoring equipment; Pump room Combustible gas detection system; ODME – Oil discharge control and monitoring equipment…

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Portable gas detector and Fixed gas detector

TES Industry study and selling gas detector since 2008 when market do not know What is it?

So, We are top deeply understand how to choice, how to use, how to calibration and how to maintenance a gas detector

Gas Detection Equipment

Gas detection Equipment include Portable gas detector, Fixed gas detector, Calibration gas and related services. Our gas detection equipment use for safety check for Work area and Confined space purpose. Gas detection equipment can be classification below:

  • Portable gas detector include: Single gas detector, Multi-gas detector, Toxic gas detector, VOCs gas detector
  • Fixed gas detector classification by Explosion proof gas detector, With local display, Output type: Relay, Analog, RS485, HART…
  • Calibration gas cylinder and Valve regulator used for Calibration, Bump test all kind of Gas detection Equipment
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Level sensors and Level controller

We focus to level monitoring solution for all of field even Oil/gas; Chemical; Hot or Cold… Our strengths is Explosion proof level sensors for hazard area in Oil/gas field.

Many kind of sensors for Level, Temperature sensor, Pressure sensor or Gas detector, specially for Explosion proof sensor; Water resistance sensor; Temperature resistance sensor; Chemical resistance sensor; And many kind of special sensor for Marine; Oil/Gas; Chemical application.

Controller and Indicator single channel; Multi-channel for Level monitoring; Temperature monitoring; Pressure monitoring; Gas detection system; or Multi purpose application programable.