Công tắc báo mức kiểu rung SC Series

Finetek SC Series Vibration Type Level sensor

General introduction

The SC Series vibration type liquid level switch does not require any calibration, is easy to install and will work correctly with high, low, middle levels with a wide range of liquids. An older sister in the product line, SC35 Series vibration level switches for solids such as granules, granules, SC Series have high reliability and high performance.


Vibration type liquid level alarm switch product line turning fork SC Series works by the principle of detecting the frequency change of vibration of the as a result of the presence or absence of fluid at the thoa sounds. For that reason, the name of this technology is Turning fork. Turning Fork vibration is generated by the stimulation of the voltage crystal by a signal electronic circuit electrolytic. A second voltage crystal produces an electrical signal such as as a result of transmiting vibration to it through sounds applied to the first crystal. The electronics continue to monitor the signal from the second crystal to detect the appearance liquid presence or absence and activate liquid type level switch output quiver.


  • Universal Feed 20-250VAC/VDC
  • Relay or solid state output
  • Compact or standard devices
  • No calibration required
  • Explosion prevention equipment available
  • Mini, standard or extended versions


Entry application target

  • Detect highs, lows, middles in tanks
  • Full or empty tank controls
  • Level input for PLC/DCS
  • Level detection in plastic or metal tanks
  • Compact

Application Industries

  • Water
  • Solvent
  • Chemical
  • Food/water
  • Many others

Actual images:

Introductory videos:

Tuning Fork Vibration Level Sensor

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