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Introducing Finetek SE rotating paddle level switch

General introduction:

  • SE Series rotating wing level indicator in the category of solid level measuring devices of Finetek Sensor, Taiwan, this is a manufacturer of level measuring devices such as Level Switch, Level Sensor, Level Indicator – Level Meter, Level Measurement – Level Measurement device , Level Instruments, Level Transmitter
  • The switch operates on the principle of rotational speed synchronization, when the material level in the tank/silo/cellar/tank reaching the rotating wing will change the rotational speed of the wing, from which the switch gives an ON/OFF level signal.
  • This level alarm sensor is commonly used in measuring granule/powder solids levels in the field of building materials, plastics, chemicals, healthcare, food, agricultural products as well as cement, thermal power …

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SE rotating paddle level switch details: Finetek SE110B

  • In Finetek’s SE series there are many options to suit different customer applications such as:
    • Type options: Standard type, long shaft type, bendable shaft type, adjustable length type, high temperature alarm switch type, explosion level alarm switch type …
    • Optional voltage: 110/220 VAC or 24VDC…
    • Installation type: Vertical, horizontal, flanged or threaded
    • Size options for rotating wings
    • There are also a number of other options.
  • The image introduced in this article is of the SE110B Level Alarm Switch, which is the standard line with the following parameters:
    • Type: SE110B
    • Voltage: Supplied to 220VAC spinning motor
    • Output Contacts: Available both NO and NC, 5A, 220VAC contacts
    • Working temperature: -20 to 70°C
    • Mounting Type: Pt 1inch Threaded Connector

Introductory image:

Finetek SE110B Rotating Wing Type Solid Level Signal Switch
Finetek Rotating Wing Powder and Granule Level Signal Switch – Model: SE110B
Connection box for SE110B rotor level alarm sensor
Power connection box and output contact for Finetek rotor level alarm sensor – Model: SE110B

Some common installation types:

Installation of Finetek SE rotating wing level sensor
Some types of application and installation of Finetek SE series rotating wing level switches

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