Công tắc báo mức kiểu điện dung RF SB Series

Finetek SB Series RF Capacitance Admittance Type level sensor

RF SB Type Call Signaling Switch The series is suitable for applications in solid or liquid environments. he designed to reduce the adhesion of the material to the probe.


RF Type Call Type Switch Capacitance/Admittance consists of a protective layer, with high isolation, the main probe and grounding. The protection is designed to overcome materials that are capable of adhesion and signal accuracy protection. Specially suitable structure for the detection of environments that are not affected by adhesion. Demand head the main, the protective part, and the grounding are isolated. The level of the environment can be detected by an increase in intake conductance as the material reaches the probe. Grounding section and the main probe is isolated, so that the device will still function correctly and is not the reason for signal errors when matter gets into the probe.


  • Delay function from 0~30 seconds.
  • IP65-standard protective case
  • DPDT 5V/250Vac Output
  • Check the alarm
  • Explosion prevention model available
  • Anti-blanket, viscous
  • Easy to install
  • Stable, not affected by temperature
  • High temperature tolerance up to 550 degrees Celsius
  • Explosion-resistant 450 degrees Celsius
  • Can be applied to liquids, syrups, solids, powders, surface detection

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