Thiết bị lấy mẫu kín khí hầm hàng tàu dầu RDHS-01 / RDHS-500

RDHS-01 / RDHS-500 Oil Tanker GasTight Sampling Equipment

RDHS-01 airtight sampling equipment is used to sample liquids such as gasoline/oil/chemicals in tanks, closed tanks. Ensure during complete airtight sampling. This airtight sampling device is commonly used on tankers and chemical tankers. The device consists of 1 sampling bucket and 1 tape measure that shows the altitude of the sampling point.

Specifications Rdhs-01 / RDHS-500 Oil Tanker AirTight Sampling Equipment

  • Device Model: Portable
  • Line ruler: Metric
  • Size: 15m, 30m
  • Smallest line division: 1mm
  • Minimum amount of liquid: ≥100mm.
  • Liquid weight: 0.6~3.5g/cm3
  • Liquid temperature: -25~110°C
  • Overall dimensions: 1150×270×180 mm

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