Thước đo dầu MMC D-2401-2

MMC Sonic Tape D-2401-2 – Oil and Water interface detector (Restricted Version)

The MMC D-2401-2 Restricted Version, which only slightly escapes into the atmosphere during cargo measurements. Three functions of measuring the level of water oil, temperature, ullage (can be called UTI for short). This version was born to serve oil vessels but according to the new regulations, it is advisable to consider using the gas completely.

MMC Oil Gauge D-2401-2 (Restricted Version), Specifications

  • Case: Airtight type (Restrict)
  • Tape measure length: 10 – 40 m
  • Weight of ruler: 4.0 – 5.2 Kg
  • Height of ruler: 152 mm
  • Mass of sensor (measuring head): 0.5 Kg
  • Storage temperature: -20°C – +70°C

Power Supply for MMC D-2401-2

  • Battery
    • DC 9V Alkaline Battery
    • Duracell Battery Type MN1604 or 6AM6 (6LR61)
  • Battery Life
    • About 400h depending on the uptime of the backlight
  • Battery runs out
    • Method of measuring the water oil boundary of 1.3 mA in the air and 2.6 mA in liquids
    • 1.3mA temperature display mode while measuring temperature and 10.0mA in the dark
    • Battery storage temperature limit: 10 – 25°C

Measurement modes of the semi-closed MMC D-2401-2 (Restricted Version) oil gauge

MMC Level Measurement Mode D-2401-2

  • Measurement accuracy: in the range of ± 3mm
  • Smallest liquid detection level or tank bottom surface level: 10mm
  • Precision level of division: errors in the standard range of level 1 or according to US measurement range standards
  • Sensor measuring head temperature limit: 0 – 70°C

Temperature Mode MMC Oil Gauge

  • Calibration range 0°C~+88°C or 32°F~190°F[người dùng tùy chọn]
  • Precision level adjustable range: ± 0.2°C [±0.5°F]
  • Display: LCD Display
Connection D-2401-2 to valve C50
MMC D-2401-2 Oil Gauge Connection To Valve C50

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