Thiết bị phát hiện ranh giới dầu nước, nhiệt độ (thước đo dầu) UTL-200

Water & oil interface detection device, temperature and Ullage Marsen UTL-200

Water & oil interface detection device, temperature and Ullage Marsen UTL-200

Model: UTL-200

General introduction

Water oil interface detection equipment, temperature (oil gauge) is necessary for cargo bunkers, it is designed to measure the level (void – ullage) of liquids (petroleum), measure oil surface levels, water, measure temperature and take samples in the bunker.

Characteristics and features

  • High reliability and accuracy
  • Protect users
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Easy operation and maintenance


Applicable to all cargo bunkers, tanks, oil tanks or chemicals

Structure and principle of operation of the system

UTL-200 detects impedance changes using ultrasonic technology and measures voltage changes according to the conductive properties of water. In addition it can measure the temperature using the output voltage of the built-in semiconductors.

UTL-SPL-L to sample the liquid of the cargo cellar, it can help operators (goods operators) to sample easily and safely

UTL-SPL-G to sample gases such as oxi gas, flammable gases, toxic gases in the cargo cellar. It can tell the operators the gas inside the safe, cargo compartment and prevent unexpected dangers.

Pressure gauges for UTL have been patented for direct pressure measurement.

Technical Specifications

Water oil interface measuring equipment, temperature measurement ULT-200

Ruler divisionMetric
Ruler length15m/30m/37m
Measurement temperature-10 – 90 ◦C
Explosion room certificationEx ia IIC T4

UTL-SPL-L Liquid Sampling Equipment

Ruler divisionMetric
Ruler resolution1mm
Ruler length15m/30m/37m
Sample pipe volume0.5L

UTL-SPL-G Gas Sampling Equipment

Air hose sizeDiameter 4mm
Pipe length15 – 30mm

Flaking face valve (oil gauge mounting valve and sample lever device)

Pipe fitting50A/25A
The materialSUS316L

The external shape of the device

Water oil boundary detection device, temperature (oil gauge) UTL-200
Water oil interface detection device, temperature (oil gauge) UTL-200

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