Hệ thống kiểm soát thải dầu Model: ODM-2000

Marsen Model: ODM-2000 Oil discharge Monitoring and Control System

Marsen Model: ODM-2000 Oil discharge Monitoring and Control System

Model: ODM-2000

The oil waste control system is a system that determines and monitors the discharge of oil and water on board in accordance with MARPOL 73/78 and MEPC 108 (49). The IMO has imposed an obligation to install this oil waste monitoring system to prevent environmental pollution worsened by vessels.

Characteristics and features

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Self-cleaning function is necessary, manual cleaning is not required
  • Absolutely safe, DP transmits
  • Short response time (15s)
  • Flow meter works with different pressures
  • HMI (human and machine interface) with LCD touch screen


Applicable to cargo bunkers, safes, fuel tanks or chemicals

Structure and principle of operation of the system

Odm-2000 includes controller, oil flow meter, Hydro package, an oil pump motor, and other filtration equipment. OCM monitors oil flow concentrations with sampling pumps at the Hydro package and sends this information to the controller. The controller then receives data from OCM and GPS that determines the amount of waste oil by processing the data.

Input/Output Signals

Sensor typeValue signal
Oil flow0 – 1000 ppmCurrent loop
Oil flowUp to 1,225 m2/h4 – 20mA
Train speedUp to 21 knotsRadio waves, GPS
Gps NMEA0183
Exhaust valve Dry contact
Location of valve Dry contact

Technical Specifications

Sensor typeParameters
Controller and flow meter feeds220V – 60 Hz/ 110V- 50 Hz
Pump engine source440V – 60 Hz/ 380V- 50 Hz (3 phases)
temperature0 – 55 ◦C
Maximum humidityDark skin 95% RH
VibrationAmplit range 2 – 13 Hz + 1mm
Gas supply4 – 7 bars; dry, clean air

ODM-2000 System Model

Oil Waste Control System Model: ODM-2000
Oil Waste Control System Model: ODM-2000

Refer to the popular system in Vietnam

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