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Marsen Cargo tank level monitoring system – Float type

Marsen Cargo tank level monitoring system – Float type

MODEL: Cargo – 2000 / float type

General introduction

The buoy-type tunnel level alarm system is simply designed to measure the inner level of the cargo tunnel and has an alarm that appears when the measured value exceeds the pre-set limit. The system uses a buoy-type level sensor.

The system is designed according to SOLAR, MAPOR 73/78 and IMO standards

Characteristics and features

  • Reasonable price
  • Simple structure
  • Easy maintenance and maintenance
  • Contact type measurement
  • Touch Screen / Easy Operation
  • Fluid Measurement


Applicable to all types of cave tunnels, oil tanks, chemicals

Structure and principle of operation

CARGO – 2000 : Includes level radar sensor, control cabinet to monitor measured values via LCD touch screen and Room Isolation Unit

The chicken tongue contacter is placed along the length of the duc pipe. Thus, the float moves up and down according to the duct in accordance with the level of liquid in the safe, the magnet magnet cave inside the float is based on the Close – Open operation of the chicken tongue contact. By measuring the voltage on the sensor circuit, the liquid level can be calculated according to the change of the voltage in the circuit. The change signal is sent to the control cabinet via the I.S. blast room isolation unit in the control room or a fixed position.


Sensor typeFloat type
Measuring range0 – 35m
Accuracy± 10mm
FeedsAC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Output signal4-20mADC (power circuit)/ RS232,422,485 control signal
CertificationEx ia IIC T6
Environmental heat-25 – 75 ◦C
IP protection levelIP 68
The materialSUS316

Structural diagrams and system principles

Tunnel level monitoring system – Buoy type
Tunnel level monitoring system – Buoy type

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