Hệ thống giám sát báo mức hầm hàng – Kiểu RADAR

Marsen Cargo tank level monitoring system – RADAR type

Marsen Cargo tank level monitoring system – RADAR type

MODEL: Cargo – 2000 / Radar type

General introduction

Radar-type cargo tunnel monitoring system is designed very simple to measure the level of liquid / solid from CCR (ship system control chamber). The system uses two types of ultrasonic wave radar sensors that do not come into direct contact with the subject to be measured and the guided wire radar sensor, which protects the radar signal pulses by the guidance wires.

This system is designed in accordance with 59 IMO regulations, SOLAR II 6.3.2 regulations and ExxonMobil 2010 rules

Characteristics and features

  • High accuracy / Reasonable price
  • Easy maintenance
  • Selectable for pressure type measurement and float type measurement
  • Touch screen / easy operation
  • Measure both liquids and solids


Applicable to all vaults, tanks, oil tanks and chemicals

Structure and principle of operation of the system

CARGO – 2000 : Includes level radar sensor, console to track measured values via LCD touch screen and Room Isolation Unit.

  • Ultrasonic Wave Type Radar Sensor: Use FMCW (continuous adjustable wave frequency) of the electrolytogram signal to measure the distance between the signal point of the sensor’s head (signal receiving point) and the surface contained in the cargo hold
  • Guided Wire Type Radar Sensor: Using the TDR principle, the radar pulse signal of the bunker surface and the measuring sensor have the same response pulse time. The sensor then measures the level of liquid, solids in the cellar by calculating the time and speed of the signal pulse.

Technical Specifications

Sensor typeUltrasonic Type RadarRada type guide wire
Measuring range0-40m0-40m (changeable)
Accuracy2mmUp to 10mm
FeedsDC 20-30V, 2 wiresDC 24V, 2 wires
Output signal4-20mA with HART4-20mA with HART
CertificationEx ia IIC T6Ex ia IIC T6
Environmental heat-40 – 80 ◦C-40 – 80 ◦C
IP protection levelIP68IP68
The materialSUSS316LSUSS316L

Structural diagrams and system principles

Tunnel level monitoring system – RADAR type
Tunnel level monitoring system – RADAR type

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