Hệ thống giám sát khí cố định kiểu bơm hút BGAS-2000

Marsen BGAS-2000 Suction Pump Type Fixed Gas Monitoring System

Suction pump type fixed gas monitoring system

Model: BGAS-2000

General introduction

The fixed gas monitoring and alarm system is designed for sampling and gas measurement for several sampling points such as Ballast tanks and vacant areas. This system is designed according to the requirements of IMO/SOLAS and other rules.

Characteristics and features

  • Cabinets ensure safety
  • Up to 48 sampling points
  • Expansion with soy-sourced regions
  • Automatic filtration cycle and hand-operated
  • Turn off automatically when the traffic alarm is faulty
  • Multiple remote monitors
  • Connect to the ship’s computer network for monitoring using another authorized computer in the network


Applied to ballast water tanks and vacant areas

Structure and principle of operation of the system

The BGAS-2000 consists of a sampling device, control and analysis equipment including a gas forecast, pump and display. Gas sampling is carried out from each sampling point in a certain order, and gas is transferred to gas detectors via pipelines. The gas is then analyzed in the controllers and analyzed. It can send information to AMS by communication protocols that allow information streams to be sampled and gas concentration levels at their current location in real time.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Value
Feeds110-220VAC (50-60Hz), 2A
Pump capacity151v/min
Measured gasesHC, O2, H2S, and other gases (up to 4 gases)
Sampling pointsUp to 48 points and or no drag pressure
Suction pipesRadius 8 or 10, ID 6
Output6 relays connected to 2 5A relays
 Each standard is different or self-regulating
AccessoryFire extinguishing equipment, brake valves, filters …
Other parametersPrinters (RS232), Modbus (RS485), suction pumps 151v/min, 1 – 4 repeaters, sub-pumps, other devices

System structure

BGAS-2000 Suction Pump Type Fixed Gas Monitoring System
BGAS-2000 Suction Pump Type Fixed Gas Monitoring System

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