Thước đo danh giới dầu nước UIT-200

UTI meter, RD-UIT 200 oil/water interface detector

The RD-UIT 200 oil gauge is a portable water oil world-based measuring device that includes an ultrasonic measuring head and a display unit. The main application of the device is to measure the level of oil and the list of oil and water oil for cargo bunkers and deposit boxes on oil vessels, in addition to some other applications such as temperature measurement, warehouse measurement, float, transfer warehouse …

The equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 12921-1991 SHIPPING OIL WATER INTERFACE DETECTOR SPECIFICATIONS and MEPC5(XII) OIL WATER INTERFACE DETECTOR SPECIFICATIONS, Open tape UIT

RD-UIT 200 UTI meter Specifications

  • Precision level: <±5mm
  • Visibility, tracking mode: hear the cry
  • Measuring length: 15m or 30m
  • Divide the bar of the measure: 1mm
  • Lowest measured surface of liquid: 6mm
  • Working environment temperature: -25°C~70°C
  • Liquid temperature: -25°C~110°C
  • Liquid viscosity: 0.06~0.25g/cm3
  • Precision level of tape measure: II
  • Response time: <3s
  • Explosion-level: Exia II BT4
  • Protection level: of X8 measuring head, of the body and IP44 display
  • Connector: B50 JB/ZQ 4078-1997 quick connector

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