Hộp thước MMC USA FLEXI-DIP D-2401-2

MMC Trimode meter repair, maintenance and calibration services

Calibration of oil gauges MMC, Marsen, Rongde is recommended annually by Maker to ensure the ruler is always the most stable and accurate according to Maker’s parameters

The MMC oil gauge is a 3-function device in 1 (measuring voids, temperature and list of water oil) in oil /chemical cargo bunkers. With the peculiarity that the device is used with great frequency, harsh environment and frequent movement. Oil gauges are recommended by manufacturers to be maintained and standardized annually to ensure the ruler always operates stably with the highest accuracy according to the manufacturer’s specifications. At the same time, the maintenance also helps to detect early the parts that are about to be damaged for timely repair and replacement, keeping the user’s work uninterrupted.

As a sales representative for Shanghai Rongde Oil Gauge China and Marsen Korea for the past 10 years, TES Industry has been technically transferred and authorized to provide Products and Services for repair, maintenance and calibration of Marsen and Rongde in Vietnam market over the years.

Strength of TES Industry’s oil meter repair, maintenance and calibration services

  • Technically transferred by the company, it is possible to perform simultaneous repairs, maintenance and calibrations at the same time.
  • Perform sufficiently and properly the inspection procedures according to manufacturer standards: Including checking gaps; list of oil and water and temperature limits.
  • Available necessary accessories and replacement supplies such as probes, boards, ruler wires.
  • Experienced for 10 years, ensuring the best quality for items that require high meticulousness such as: Sensitivity alignment, sealing …

Equipment used by TES Industry

The TES Industry equipment used to test oil gauges are all high-precision measuring devices, which are calibration by the Manufacturer or Quatest. As heat tank with accuracy +/-0.2 oC, Straight ruler with error <1mm, and other equipment and fixtures manufactured according to the Manufacturer’s drawings to serve the job.

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