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Rongde Temperature monitoring of pump casings, bearings and bulkhead

Introduction of pump casing temperature monitoring system, support drive and wall shaft for cargo pumps, pump pumps and ballast oil/chemical vessels

  • The system is specially designed and manufactured in accordance with SOLAS 2000, stipulating the protection of the pump chamber. The system includes temperature sensors, isolated explosive rooms, temperature alarm display monitors and necessary accessories attached.


  • The application system continuously monitors the temperature value at the trans-wall shaft, bearings and pump casings for cargo pumps, ballast pumps, suction pumps installed in the pump chamber which is transmitted through the wall shaft.

Technical parameters:

  • Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC
  • Temperature sensor: Pt100, 0~100°C
  • Connection: 3 wires
  • Explosion-level: Ex ia II CT3~6
  • Isolater: RDAQ-5
  • Certificate: CCS or VR/CCS

Actual images:

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