Thiết bị báo mức, nhiệt độ, áp lực hầm hàng tích hợp

Rongde Level, temperature, pressure system integrated for Cargo hold

The system of level, temperature and pressure integration for oil / chemical cargo hold includes:

  • Continuously report to the basement, serving to monitor the amount of goods in the vault in real time. Very convenient in making goods and managing goods.
  • Temperature alarm in the cargo cellar, controlling the risks of fire and expansion of goods
  • Pressure alarm in the cargo hold, safety monitoring of the deformation of the cargo tunnel when the high-speed breathing valve has a problem or the wrong goods operation (exceeding the permitted speed of delivery)

System Features

  • Simultaneous monitoring of parameters in the basement on 1 system
  • Track parameters in real time, control the cause
  • Deck space control by 3 sensors in 1
  • Save cables because of 4-wire signals (2 sources, 2 signal wires)
  • Suitable for supplying explosion rooms for cargo tunnel area
  • CCS or VR authorization registry certificate

Actual images:

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