Hệ thống báo mức dùng áp lực qui đổi tỷ trọng 

Rongde Level monitoring system using pressure transmitter

The application of the level reporting system uses the conversion pressure.

  • This device is designed and manufactured to measure levels in clean water safes, seawater, fuel tank, and side-by-side drafts. To protect against corrosion of seawater, sensor materials are anti-corrosion for long-term use, reducing maintenance. The device operates on the principle of converting fluid pressure to the form of electrical signals from the sensor transmitted to the controller, where the pressure is converted to the base level and the proportion of the measuring liquid.

Refer to the continuous level measurement systems of the cargo according to other principles.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 5W per channel
  • Device accuracy: ±0.1%FS
  • Measuring range: 0~10m, 0~30m
  • Working environment temperature: -25oC+80°C
  • Blind spot distance: 100mm
  • Connection cable: 2×2.5mm (Power cable), 2 ×1.0mm Torsion cable (Signal)
  • RS485 – communication standard
  • Registration approval: CCS, GL, NK

Features of level reporting system using conversion pressure

  • Full/shallow alarm with lights and sirens
  • Protection level of IP56 or IP68 pressure sensor.
  • Weight correction feature
  • Communicate with computers or other equipment using the RS-485 industry standard
  • Features of self-testing, sensor testing
  • Using high-precision RDLY pressure sensor series, approved by CCS, CMC

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