Dieu-khien-van-khi-nen VRC

Pneumatic type Valve Remote Control System

Pneumatic valve remote control system features

  • Compared to hydraulic valve control system, the pneumatic system does not worry about oil leakage, environmentally friendly.
  • The VPI valve position signal can be installed directly on the valve opening and closing actuity mechanism, so the valve opening and closing signal will be more accurate.
  • The controller also integrates 2 mechanical MIMIC set options and mimic graphics touch screen industrial computer
  • Compared to hydraulic valve control system, pneumatic system operates at lower pressure, better pipe protection
  • Pneumatic valve control system does not need to add hydraulic power supply, just use compressed air available on board with pressure of 7 bar and electricity 24VDC
  • At the same time, the system saves installation space.

Refer to Hydraulic type remote valve control system, mainly used for cargo valve control (oil/chemical vessels) or ballast valves.

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