Báo mức kiểu bọt khí hãng Rongde

Rongde Air-purge Level monitoring system

Working principle

The Air-purge air-purge level gauge operates on the principle of passing air through a souding pipe, which is inserted straight down the tank and opens its mouth at the lower end. The amount of gas that escapes from the mouth of the tube will be measured by the flow gauge, at the same time that the pressure in the tube is also measured and controlled. Analyzing the pressure signal and flow rate in the liquid (known in advance) will tell us the amount of fluid calculated by height from the measuring pipe piece to the current liquid level.

Refer to the continuous level measurement systems of the cargo according to other principles.

Technical Specifications

  • Air-purge air thruster has measuring ranges: 0~6m, 0~10m, 0~25m
  • Accuracy: ±1.5%FS
  • Basement blindness: 100mm
  • Required pneumatic pressure: 0.6~0.7MPa
  • Working pressure: 0.3MPa
  • Gas consumption: 10L/H per point
  • Working temperature: -25°C~+60°C
  • Control cabinet, display: wall hanging type
  • Measuring tubes: Φ6×1, Φ8×1, Φ10×1.5

System Features

  • Measure safe levels continuously in real time
  • Scour the measuring tube
  • Simple structure, cheap, easy to use
  • Can install hazardous areas without electricity

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