Hệ thống giám sát hơi Rongde RD-VCS - Vapor control system

Rongde RD-VCS – Vapor control system

Introduction of vapor monitoring system

  • The RD-VCS vapor monitoring system is used to monitor inert gas pressure oxygen concentrations in pipelines. The system consists of 2 main parts: Stainless steel box containing sensors, installed at intersections on the deck, the display part is located at the control / making chamber.

Main specifications:

  • 1. Controller – display
    • Main source: AC110V or AC220V
    • Installation: Imaginary suspension type
    • Protection level: IP22
  • 2. RDAQ-1 Isolater
    • Explosion-level: Exia IIC T6
  • 3. RDLY-2b Pressure Sensor
    • Output current: 4~20mA
    • Measuring range: -10~+30kPa
    • Level of explosion protection: Exia IIC T6
  • 4. Oxygen Concentration Sensor
    • Output signal: 4~20 mA
    • Measuring range: 0~25%
    • Level of explosion protection: Exia IIC T6

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