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Hydraulic Type Valve Remote Control System

Control block

  • The hydraulic-type remote valve control system has 2 types of console options: The touch screen type shows the MIMIC cartouche, touches the valve to control on/off opening or closing by position. 2 is a hard MIMIC carn diagram, manipulating muscles by hand.

Solenity valve cabinet of hydraulic type remote valve control system

  • Most of the solenation valve cabinets are customized according to customer needs to satisfy their own requirements and functions. The size of the installation, the connectors, the entrance are all customizable within the standard marine limits. The cabinet placement is a dry, safe space with all electrical equipment, converters and other hydraulic devices in the cabinet.
  • The equipment completed in sync before shipment is checked by the factory
  • The interior of the cabinet is completely connected to the pipe part, the wire, numbered wire ends, pipe ends to be ready to connect to the external expansion device. The pipeline of the vessel spends the connection in the order number is complete.

Hydraulic Pump Blocks

  • This block is the hydraulic source used to control the valve opening and closing. It is composed of: tank tanks, hydraulic pumps, pressure bags and control boards.
  • Tank size is determined by the total open volume of all valve actuating structures connected to.
  • The volume of the pressure bag is determined by the volume of the 3 sets of the largest valve opening and closing actu opening and closing mechanism connected, which it uses in case of pumping incidents or source problems.
  • The panel is used for on-site control for the hydraulic pump block and to monitor its working status.

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