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Rongde Cargo hold pressure monitoring system for Oil / Chemical tanker


  • Currently most ports require closed cargo, i.e. when making goods (loading and or sucking out) the cargo (petroleum / chemical) will push the gas in / out through the high-speed breathing valve instead of opening the lid of the cargo.
  • During the journey, the temperature of day / night, the seas, currents are also different, giving birth to an increased or reduced amount of goods / gases proportional to the temperature, at which time the amount of gas is also released and sucked in through the breathing valve.
  • The oil/chemical bunker pressure alarm that monitors the pressure in the cargo hold is always within the operating threshold of the breathing valve. If a problem or operation results in a pressure in the cargo tunnel higher or lower than the allowable threshold, the system will display an alarm with the corresponding cargo tunnel.


  • Control cabinet, channel number 1~20 channels, optional.
  • Culture voltage: 220VAC, backup 24VDC
  • Explosion-room isolator: Ex ia
  • Pressure sensor -10~+20Kpa, explosion level: Ex ia
  • Sensor connection: 2 wires
  • Certificates: VR, CCS, GL, ABS, DNB, NK, KR …

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