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Rongde Pressure alarm system for Cargo pump for Oil/Chemical tankers

Introduction of pressure alarm system for pumping goods, pumping oil tankers of Shanghai Rongde

The system is designed and manufactured for the purpose of monitoring and reporting pump pressure, pumping oil tankers/chemical tankers, in addition to the system is also used to measure pressure on transmission pipes on board.


  • Cargo pump pressure monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring on pipes
  • Pipeline and boiler pressure monitoring
  • Suction pump pressure monitoring
  • Fire pump pressure monitoring
  • Ballast Ballast Pump Pressure Monitoring

Configuration and certificates:

  • Display and alarm cabinets: Including the main module is RD204 or RD208
  • Explosive pressure sensor: Ensuring explosion safety for petroleum and chemicals
  • Explosion room isolation: Ensure safe isolation between the restricted area and the safe zone according to the highest level of explosion prevention – Zone 0
  • The system is approved by CCS registry and is granted an authorization certificate of VR registry

Actual images:

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