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CSZ-300 water-drive fan for Oil/Chemical tanker (explosion-proof type)

CSZ-300 water-drive fan, axial type, explosion prevention

CSZ fans belong to the subgroup used in places with high danger, with anti-tilt signals, anti-vibration, impact resistance. The fan has a simple structure, light weight, simple operation as well as it has the ability to vent (usually requires only one operating person). Operated directly from fire protection water, this ventilation fan does not depend on any other source of energy with closed bearings. It reduces the majority of maintenance work. With wide applicability, this type of vent fan can work ideally for pipes containing vapors, explosive gases as well as other harmful substances and gases.

CSZ Fan Structure – 300

CSZ-type ventilation fans include water turbine systems, protective casings, rotors and propeller sets. Water turbines are precision molded with corrosion-resistant copper alloys and welding casings are made of austenitic stainless steel (1) (g-Fe), propellers are molded with high strength by aluminum alloys. Water turbines and rotors are sealed through 2 levels, contact and a copper safety washers are installed between the casing and the rotor, with a non-spark-emiting structure (explosion prevention). CSZ ventilation fans are designed for both air supply and air-sucking fans, but they cannot be used instead of each other.

(1) Austenitic austenitic, also known as gamma iron, gamma-phase iron (γ-Fe), is a non-metallic or solid solution of iron, with an alloying element.

Working conditions of fans

  • For places with IIB and IIC fire levels and groups from T4 –T6
  • temperature Environment : -25 – 55°C
  • Relative humidity of air £95%
  • amplitude Heat : ± 22.5°C~45°C
  • Fixed tilt horizontally at ±15°
  • Vertical fixed inclination of ± 10°
  • Vibration : exists
  • Collision : exists

 Main operating parameters and external dimensions of fans

Drawing of water-guided explosion-proof fans
CSZ-300 water-drive explosion-proof fan drawing
Fan Type Body volume (m3) Pressure static rate (Pa) Pressure water force (Mpa) Work water consumption (m3/h) D1 D2 D3 D4 Q n-d
CSZ-300 3000-6000 260-820 0.2-0.7 25-43 300 336 366 446 404 8-Ф11
CSZ-380 4000-10000 380-1020 0.2- 0.7 28-53 380 416 446 546 404 8-Ф11

Water-guided fan image

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