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Marsen VECS-2000 Oil Tanker Vapor Escape Control System

Oil Tanker Vapor Escape Control System Model: VECS-2000

General introduction

Large amounts of gasoline vapor released by tankers are harmful to the environment. The exhaust control system is designed to measure the oxygen content in the main vapor recovery pipes during the Discharge of oil or chemical cargo bunkers. This system can also monitor the pressure of steam drainage pipes using pressure measurement equipment. All cargo tunnels should be equipped with this system from May 19, 2005 as required by IMO MSC/ Circ 585. This system complies with USCG regulations for vapor monitoring systems for cargo bunkers.

Characteristics and features

  • Reliable materials to protect the system
  • Adjustable shape in the factory
  • Drivers are very easy to install and change
  • Compact size
  • Oxygen vapor content can be measured
  • Other gases can be measured by changing the sensor heads (optional)
  • Easily expand and add sensors


Applicable to cargo bunkers, safes, fuel tanks or chemicals

Structure and principle of operation of the system

VECS-2000 includes control panel, sensor cabinet including oxygen sensor, pressure gauge, flow switch, The system has 4 sampling points and monitors the oxygen content of each point according to the priority ratio. The sampled gas is analyzed at the sensor cabinet in the hazardous area and released into the air. Pressure gauges monitor vapor exit pressure and branch pipes. All signals are sent to the control panel and the control panel displays the values and triggers the alarms.

Technical Specifications

VECS-2000 System Specifications

VECS-2000 System Structure

Oil tanker steam escape control system
Oil tanker steam escape control system

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