Thiết bị đo mức mớn và két dằn tàu Model: BAL-2000/ Kiểu điện khí nén

Marsen BAL-2000 Draft and Ballast tank level measuring system / Pneumatic Electric

Marsen BAL-2000 Draft and Ballast tank level measuring system / Pneumatic Electric

Model: BAL-2000/ Pneumatic electric model

General introduction

The equipment for measuring the level of the tangle and ballast is designed to measure the level of the Ballast tank (ballast water), the tangle level, and the fuel oil tanks of the vessel. The device uses a sensor that measures the level of gas thrust and is used to measure levels of different types of tanks.

Characteristics and features

  • Simple structural principle
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • The price is quite cheap
  • No electrical equipment, no explosion


  • Remote monitoring of ballast water tanks
  • Tangled remote monitoring
  • Remote fuel oil tank display

Structure and principle of operation of the device

Bal-2000 consists of an air compressor, a dual brake valve, a flow adjuster, a reversing valve (3 directions), a gauge, a similar display for each tank.

The principle of operation is based on measuring the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid by providing low constant air flow into the measuring tube, called the Sounding tube, at the outside below. When the air escapes through the mouth of the clean filter pipe at the bottom of the tank, the gas pressure corresponds to the level of liquid accumulated in the Sounding tube. If the specific weight (weight) of the known liquid and the pressure in the Sounding tube are measured, the distance from the pipe door to the surface can be calculated using the above expression. The pressure is read on the scale divided by the metric in meters or the volume or percent of the head of the tank.

Technical Specifications

SystemAir thrust type ( PURGE)
Measuring range0 – 40m
Accuracy± 0.1% of F.S.
Signal pipe8mm pipe diameter
Ambient temperature-30 – 70 ◦C
Gas pressure4 – 7 bars

System structure

Bal-2000 Model: BAL-2000 / Pneumatic Electric
Bal-2000 Model: BAL-2000 / Pneumatic Electric

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