Thiết bị đo độ nhớt Model: VIS-200

Marsen Model: VIS-200 Fuel Viscosity Measuring Equipment

Fuel Viscosity Measuring Equipment

Model: VIS-200

General introduction

Fuel viscosity measuring and monitoring equipment is known in the diesel and marine industries. With increasing pressure on operators to reduce costs, low maintenance fees, viscosity requirements to control their systems. Viscosity measuring equipment is a major renovation in measuring all types of fuel oils supplied to engines, tuarbins, combustion chambers in ship engines. If it is installed correctly, the viscosity measuring device needs little or no maintenance. The device withstands the thermal etching environment on the side of the engine.

Characteristics and features

  • Optimize combustion efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Reduce engine maintenance costs, overhaul fees and reduce pollution
  • Sync control
  • Collision protection of pressure lines
  • Anti-leakage in couplings
  • No clogging of paths
  • Designed to protect the marine environment
  • Certified quality assurance from all authorities worldwide


  • Medium and heavy fuel oil viscosity control is used for main and secondary engines in ship motion engines
  • Viscosity control in oil hydropower plants and other industrial applications using heavy or medium fuel diesel engines

Technical Specifications

VIS-200 Specifications
VIS-200 Specifications

System structure

Viscosity Measuring Equipment Model: VIS-200
Viscosity Measuring Equipment Model: VIS-200

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