Hệ thống chống nghiêng tàu thuỷ với đồng hồ đo nghiêng TIN- 2000

Ship anti-heeling system with Marsen TIN-2000 Inclinometer

Anti-tilt system with tilt gauge

Model: TIN- 2000

The inclination of the vessel is generally believed to be due to strong winds, uneven cargo loads, and difficulty changing direction. The automatic anti-tilt system compensates for the tilt and movement of the vessel. This system has the function of monitoring and measuring the tilt of the vessel using digital automatic programming. The anti-tilt system allows the process of receiving and unloading cargo to operate safely and continuously for container cargo ships, aircraft carriers, ships with large tons and offshore construction vessels that save a lot of time for transportation.

Structure and principle of operation of the system

The automatic tilt testing system includes control cabinets, sensors for measuring humidity, sound alarm equipment, pump control cabinets, and 2 switches to signal low levels of safes, tanks, cargo tunnels. This system is used to monitor the angle of inclination of the vessel and to rebalance the vessel automatically by pumping ballast water from starboard to port of the vessel or vice versa. Precision tilt measurement sensors are installed on the mount placed in the middle of the vessel. The anti-tilt system for the vessel consists of an inclination display and a gauge and a tilt display and an indicator light.


  • Automatic tilt monitoring system with copper tilt measurement (TIM-2000-P)
Specification nameValue
Sensor typeAnalog or number
TrendAll directions (usually 2 directions)
Measuring angle±1°C, ±2°C, ±3°C, ±5°C, ±10°C and at the user’s request
Display angle±1°C, ±2°C, ±3°C, ±5°C, ±10°C and at the user’s request
Working temperature-20-60°C
Accuracy0.1% of the F.S. (or due to user ±0.5% of the F.S.
Protective caseIP Controller 44, Light Alarm, Horn: IP56
Maximum channelsUp to 16 channels
Output signalSimilar signals 4-20 mA
Alert2 channels (can be widely used)
FeedsAC 110/220V, 50-60Hz or 24V DC
Alarm settingsAt the request of the user
  • Anti-tilt system with onboard tilt gauge (TIM-2000-A)

Tilt DisplayEr

The nameValue
Main sourceAC 110-240 V
Accuracy±1.5 % of F.S.
Response time1s
Working temperature4 – 45 °C
Humidity25 – 90% RH
Measuring angle±1°C, ±2°C, ±3°C and at user’s request
Protection levelIP 44

Indicator light

The nameValue
Voltage usedDC 24V
Max current0.48A
The materialSUS304
Temperature-25 – 50 °C
Protection levelIP56

System model

Ship anti-tilt system with TIN-2000 tilt gauge
Ship anti-tilt system with TIN-2000 tilt gauge

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