Hệ thống báo nước xâm nhập hầm hàng WIA-2000

Marsen WIA-2000 Cargo hold Water ingress alarm system

Marsen WIA-2000 Cargo hold Water ingress alarm system

Model: WIA-2000

General introduction

The water intrusion alarm system is designed to detect the appearance of water inside cargo cellars and dry areas or empty areas. This system is in accordance with the standards of SOLAS XII.12, IMO. MSC.145(77), IACS SIC 180


  • Easy to maintain and maintain
  • No fault by mechanical reasons
  • Can control digital signals (up to 80 points)
  • Reliable and durable and simple in structure
  • Pass EMI and EMC tests

Actuation and pneumatic equipment

  • All types of cargo transportation
  • LDP, LNG transport, PCTC

Structure and principle of operation of the system

The WIA-2000 includes a main alarm board, a repeating alarm board, an isolater, an external alarm device, and water level alarm sensors (electrolyzed, pressure, floats) installed in the cargo cellar or regulatory positions. When the appearance of water reaches the monitoring point of the level signaling contactes installed in the cavernous tunnels or other areas > Electrical signals are transmitted to the main control cabinet and the control cabinet activates the alarm and the alarm signal is given to the outside

Technical Specifications

Parameters Value
Sensor typeElectricity/ pressure / float
The materialSensor: SUS304/ SUS316, Controller: SS400
Feeds110/220 VAC, 60 Hz/24 VDC
PressureUp to 5 kgf/ cm2
TemperatureAmbient temperature : -25 – 70◦C, Working temperature -10 – 60 ◦C
IP protection levelIP68
Accuracy± 5mm
Certificate of ProtectionSensor, isolater: Ex ia IIC T6
SignalAnalog signal 4-20 mA
ProtocolInt common senseRS485
Measurement pointMax 80 points

System structure

WIA-2000 Cargo Tunnel Intrusion Water Alarm System
Marsen WIA-2000 Cargo hold Water ingress alarm system

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