Hệ thống điều khiển van từ xa VRC-2000

Marsen VRC-2000 Valve Remote Control System

Remote Valve Control System

Model: VRC-2000

General Introduction

VRC-2000 includes 1 control cabinet, hydraulic power system, solene valve cabinet, hydraulic actuers (hydraulic mechanism) and solene valves. Hydraulic power supply control cabinets and solene cabinets to control valves or solene valves by electrical signal outputs. Optionally, install pneumatic actuation or pneumatic electricity.


  • Cargo tunnels, tanks
  • Ballast water tank

Technical Specifications

VRC-2000 Specifications
VRC-2000 Specifications

Valve control system structure

VRC-2000 Remote Valve Control System
VRC-2000 Remote Valve Control System

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