Hệ thống điều khiển van từ xa VRC

VRC Valve remote control System – by Shanghai Rongde

RDFK Valve Remote Control System is a valve control system from Shanghai Rongde that is used to control the rotating shaft for butterfly valves through hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical pressure. Meanwhile, the system can display both the valve’s opening and closing position. This system is often used on ships in areas such as ballast pipes, dry straw pipes, cargo pipes. In addition, the system is also applied in other industries such as; oil and gas, chemicals, rigs. Note: For easily corrosive, explosive goods, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer before choosing the material as a valve.

Rongde automatic remote valve control systems

  • Remote Hydraulic Valve Control System
  • Remote pneumatic valve control system
  • Electric remote valve control system using electric opening and closing valve
  • Vortex Type Valve Control System
  • Valve control system using manual open pump

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