Thước đo dầu HERMetic UTImeter Rtex

HERMetic UTImeter Rtex for Restricted gauging

The HERMetic UTImeter Rtex oil gauge is a portable electronic liquid level measuring device, designed to measure levels for petrochemical products under hazardous measurement conditions (restricted areas). This hazardous area may appear in insicion gases that escape from the cargo bunker under normal pressure conditions.

HERMetic UTImeter Rtex can provide simultaneous and features: temperature measurement, level measurement and detection of oil/water boundaries (should be called UTI ruler). The device is used to measure levels in transport depots, tankers and detect water in cargo bunkers. The device is only allowed to operate in hazardous areas when connected to airtight valves on the deck – cellars/tanks.

The device easily replaces the battery, works with a variety of airtight valves and a full range of accessories: ruler cleaning, reading glass wipes, measuring head protection tubes …

HERMetic UTImeter Rtex oil gauge with 3 features on the same device:

  • Measure fluid levels (attrition)
  • Liquid Temperature Test
  • Discovery of the list of oil and water oil

Introductory video:

HERMetic UTImeter Rtex Intro Video

See more oil gauges: Here, and see more specifications on the Tanksystem manufacturer’s website here. HERMetic and MMC are the two best rulers at the moment.

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