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Rongde Blending Oil Equipment RD-BOE 200

The main machine fuel additive mixer, the Model Rongde RD-BOE 200 is used to blend the base oil together with the additive to achieve the Octane index required by the engine. The machine uses 1 fuel suction pump and additive tank then mixes homo consensus together. This mixing process is monitored and controlled by the computer.

Users only need to enter the BN price of fuel and additives, then enter the value of the finished mixture. The computer will automatically calculate and change the ratio between fuel and additives to be the right mixture.

Machine Specifications:

  • Mixed volume: 200L (per time)
  • Pump capacity: 70L/min
  • Engine power: 1.5kW
  • Power voltage: 380V/50Hz, 440V/60Hz
  • Wind pressure: ≥0.65MPa
  • Display accuracy: 0.01kg

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