Bộ hiển thị đa năng Rongde RD204B 

Rongde RD204B Marine Intelligent Multi-channels indicator

The Rongde RD204B multifunction display can simultaneously monitor 8 analog 4~20mA line input signal channels simultaneously. The device is often used in alarm systems and thermoematic display such as pressure alarms, gas content alarms, heat alarms … Systems that typically use this controller are the Oil Tanker Pump Push Door Pressure System and the Hydrocarbon Gas Alarm System pump chamber.

Rongde RD204B Multi-Function Display

  • Anti-interference, self-check the system
  • Write an error
  • Adjustable range, scale
  • LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Technical parameters:

  • Working voltage: DC18V~DC28V
  • Input signal: 4-20mA current signal
  • Output relay signal: J0—closed when an alarm error occurs; J1—closes when the threshold alarm is low; J2—closes when the threshold alarm is high; J3—close when siren alarm
  • Maximum number of input channels: 8 channels
  • J3 siren type: full close for high alarm, Three quarter close for lower alarm, One-quarter close for fault alarm
  • Full size: 80H ×160W×140L (mm)
  • Installation hole size: 76H×153W (mm)

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