Công tắc báo mức kiểu phao từ Model UQK phòng nổ

Rongde UQK Series Floater Level Switch – Explosion proof type

Float level alarm switch from Model UQK – UQK Series Floater Level Switch, explosion proof type, used in maritime field


Buoy level switch from Model UQK is a series of switches that monitor the level of fluid in tanks, cargo tunnels, containers … It is used in a variety of monitoring systems that monitor liquid levels on ships.

Technical characteristics:

  • Working pressure: standard 1.6Mpa
  • Working temperature: -40~150°C
  • Level accuracy: 0.02%FS
  • Liquid temperature: ≤200oC
  • Fluid weight: ≥0.6Kg/cm3
  • Liquid Viscosity: ≤0.02Pa*S
  • Control range: 10mm to UQK-01, 25~550mm to UQK-02
  • Contact capacity: DC220V/1A to UQK-01/02, 24V/0.2A to UQK-04
  • Protection level: IP56/IP68
  • Explosion-level: Exia II CT3~T6, Exid II CT3~T6
  • Material: 1Cri18Ni9Ti
  • Connection Flange: HG20592-20635-97
  • Special features: Simple structure, easy to install, high quality, easy maintenance
  • Wide application
  • Type approved by CCS registry

Actual images:

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