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Explosion proof Float level sensor for ships, Shanghai Rongde

Buoy sensor from explosion room for Seaweed RDHL Series Floater Level Sensor

Application of buoys from explosion rooms:

The Rongde RDHL explosion-level buoy sensor is often used to monitor the level of liquid in containers, cargo tunnels …, the most common use on ships. Commonly used systems are: All-ship fluid level reporting system, Fuel tank level monitoring system, Continuous level monitoring system for cargo tunnels, Clean water tank level monitoring system …

Feature Highlights:

  • Fluid level monitoring, can integrate temperature monitoring, simultaneous pressure.
  • Variety of output signals: RS485, 4~20mA current signal, output contact or output output
  • High level alarm range: Wide range from 0.3~18m, working temperature -40~+85oC
  • High stability: Anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-knock, anti-electrical …
  • Simple structure, airtight, less affected by temperature, less affected by pressure, resistance to electrolytizing corrosion, high sensitivity.
  • Stable quality, long service life, good insulation
  • Vibration-resistant design, stainless steel material
  • Type approved by CCS registry

Specification characteristics:

  • Normal working pressure: PN 0.6 MPa
  • Working environment ratio: ≥ 0.45g/cm3
  • Working environment viscosity: ≤ 0.02Pa.S
  • Output signal: relay, backing, current, RS485
  • Buoy size options from: ф106/ф74/ф50
  • Protection level: IP56/IP68
  • Explosion-level: Exia II CT6
  • Certificate of Explosion Prevention No.: GYB 03222

Actual images:

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