Cảm biến khí Hydrocarbon RDKR-1 / RDKR-2

Explosion-proof Gas detector for Oil Tanker’s Pump Room, Rongde RDKR-1 / RDKR-2

The explosive gas detector for the oil tanker pump chamber, the Rongde RDKR-1 model is a compact gas probe, which measures the monitoring of low-limit explosive gas concentrations, oxygen volume percentage concentrations and H2S gas percentage concentrations. From the measured voltage signal form, on a scale, the signal is converted into a 4~20mA analog current signal to transmit far to the monitoring management area. Here the gas concentration is displayed on the fixed RDQJ gas content alarm system.

Application of explosive gas terminal for pump chamber:

  • The most common application is the Fixed Hydrocarbon Explosion Gas Alarm System for RDQJ-1 pump chambers, in addition, sensors are also used for: petrochemicals, rubber, metallurgy, environment and fire protection applications.

Used for hydrocarbon gas alarm pump chamber


  • Detector/probe: semiconductor, electrolysing and catalyst for hydrocarbon gas
  • Detection Type: Diffusion
  • How to detect: electrolysing application, fire catalyst (with gases that can cause fire)
  • Working voltage: 12~26V DC
  • Output signal: 4~20mA
  • Accuracy: ±5%
  • Response time: <30s
  • Explosion-level: ExidIICT6, ExiaIICT4
  • Ex-proof certificate No.: GYB 05323 for Exia, 2022372 for Exid
  • Industry Standard: RDBZ 303-2003

Special features:

  • Fixed installation, continuous monitoring
  • Analog series output (4-20mA); Connect directly to the display
  • Anti-corrosion structure, chemicals
  • Stable and accurate operation
  • Endurance

Actual images:

Introduction of Rongde RDKR 1 Hydrogen Carbon Gas Forecast

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