Cảm biến áp lực phòng nổ IP68 cho hầm hàng, Rongde RDLY-1/a/d/2/S

IP68 Explosion-proof pressure sensor for seagoing vessels, Rongde RDLY-1/a/d/2/S

RDLY is a series of pressure transmitters through silicone oil pressure sensor, the signal is then converted to Hart protocol and the circuit converts to a 4~20mA current signal. The characteristics of this transmitter line are high precision, stable operation, good interference resistance, wide measuring pressure range, easy calibration or change of measuring range, compact size, light weight and easy installation.

Explosion-free pressure sensor application

Sensors are applied a lot on ships such as: Cargo tunnel pressure alarm system, pump pressure alarm system, pipeline pressure alarm system, cargo tunnel level measuring system and water level system to penetrate the cargo tunnel.

Category options:

  • RDLY-1: Big cylindrical
  • RDLY-1a: Thin cylindrical (Watertight type)
  • RDLY-1d: Thin cylindrical (Hesmen electrical outlet type)
  • RDLY-2a: Rectangle box
  • RDLY-2b: Square box
  • RDLY-2c: Module type (Non-case)
  • RDLY-S: Fling method (Wet type)

Technical parameters:

Output 4~20mA I don’t want 0.5
Power DC 9~30V, two wires Max. Error ±0.5%FS.
Range -0.1~7MPa Return difference 0.4% FS.
Overload Twice range Temperature effect ±0.4%FS./10°C
Temp. -25~+70°C Ex-Proof Exia IICT6
Relative humidity (10~95)oC Protection Wet type: IP68 / Other: IP56
Insulation Resistance >20MΩ Type of safety Barrier RDAQ-1
Calibration Follow HAR T protocol and use special software Ex-Proof of safety Barrier Exia IIC

Actual images:

Introduction of Rongde RDLY explosion-free pressure measurement sensor

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