Cảm biến báo mức kiểu phao từ FLT-100

Hanla FLT-100 Series Float Level Sensor

Float-type level sensor construction from FLT-100: The contact of the reed switch is arranged appropriately inside the ducts, these contactes are activated by permanent magnets in the float. When the level of liquid rises or falls, the float from also up and down follows and the chicken tongue contactes in the duc op will change the state. The change state will result in the sensor’s appeal changing. Setting a scale will allow to determine the level of fluid corresponding to the measured back.


  • Accuracy depends on the tank depth.
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy to install
  • Simple word float texture
  • Easy to maintain
  • Connect with just 2 wires
  • Wide measuring range


  • Flt-100 float level sensor for continuous level measurement
  • Typical applications are water measurement, HFO, DO, LO, Vegetable Oil, and some others.

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