Báo mức cao và đầy hầm hàng CMS

Hanla CMS High-level and Overfill alarm system

The high-level and overfill alarm system includes a float-type level sensor, an explosion-room isolator, and an alarm panel. When the liquid level in the cargo cellar reached the pre-set level (95 or 98%), the word float will rise and the impact closes the chicken tongue contact. This relay closing and closing signal is connected to the alarm controller through the IS isolation detonator to ensure the system reaches a level of safety in essence. In addition to the direct alarm on the control panel, the system allows the additional set of external siren lights to be issued in accordance with the requirements of the registry. As a rule, the high alarm is 95% of the volume of the cargo tunnel, the full alarm is 98% of the volume of the cargo.

High-level and full-row signaling system (95,98%) independent type – Type using float sensor

Feature Highlights:

  • The most advanced technology helps the system to be sustainable and stable
  • Meet all requirements of international registry
  • Design suitable for all types of liquids
  • Simple structure
  • Highest level of fire safety, suitable for all types of flammable liquids
  • Built-in hand test function.


  • Application: 95 98% cargo level report for all liquid cargo ships, chemical tankers and tankers

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