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Handover and installation of High level and overfill alarm system (9598%)

25, April 2013, TES technique completed the handover and installation of full and overflow alarm system for Hainan oil tanker at Huy Van shipbuilding plant. The full and overflow alarm system, also known as the 95, 98% alarm system for cargo tunnels, is a mandatory system to be installed on oil vessels in accordance with the current regulations of the Registry.The system helps to ensure the safety of the vessel during the delivery process.

System configuration for Hainan ships

  • Alarm sensor level 95, 98%: Type of explosion room, quantity of 10 sensors, installed in the surface of the cargo tunnels
  • Control cabinet: Placed in the cargo chamber
  • Isolator: Ensure fire safety
  • Siren Set: Alarm

Some photos of the handover and installation of the system:

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