Máy đo khí Qrae II cùng phụ kiện

Video introduction of Rae System multi-target gas detector, Model Qrae II, PN: 020-1111-0A0 and 020-1111-2A0

The Rae System model Qrae II is a multi-target gas detector capable of detecting LEL, O2, CO and H2S toxic gases.

The machine is equipped with anti-collision, dust and waterproof casing, reaching the highest explosive level. It is possible to optionally pump suction to perform Confine space measurement before entering the working area.

There are 2 main options: 020-1111-0A0, diffuser meter, rechargeable battery, and 020-1111-2A0, suction pump, rechargeable battery.

Photos and Video Introduction Machine:

Rea System Gas Detection Machine
Rea System Gas Detection Machine

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