Báo mức 95 - 98% Hanla_level_CMS-LIDEC

CMS-LIDEC High level and Overfill (95 – 98%) alarm system for cargo hold

CMS-LIDEC’s 95 – 98% level signal system uses an Acoustic wave type LIDEC-L91/92 sound wave type sensor, which is a specially designed level sensor and suitable for applications used on ships. Lidec L91/92 series of sensors provides high and very high level alarm stability (overflow) solutions for cargo bunkers containing chemicals, DO oil, FO oil …). The principle of operation of the sensor is based on the time of transmission of sound waves between probes. When there is no liquid, the transmission sound waves are not obstructed, when there is liquid, the time and transmission of sound waves will change.

Standalone basement overflow/overflow alarm system (Sound Wave Type Sensor/HANLA-AUXITROL)

95 – 98% CMS-LIDEC alarm system configuration:

The full system includes: explosion room isolator, alarm display block, LIDEC-L91/92 sensor.


  • Designed to be fire safety for cargo tunnels during loading and transmission
  • Do not use moving components, limit damage, maintenance, maintenance
  • No need to adjust and adjust for each different type of liquid
  • Anti-vibration, shockproof, anti-interference, antistatic
  • Over-pressure, overheating protection
  • Design suitable for all types of liquids
  • Including failed safe system.
  • Manual test: Load test can be tested at any time using a dedicated test tool.


  • Alarm system level 95 – 98% is applied to measure and alarm the level of cargo for all types of ships carrying liquids, chemicals, oil …

Standard application of sensors:

  • LIDEC – L91: Highs or overflows.
  • LIDEC – L92: Highs or overflows.

Control cabinets, displays, alarms:

  • Alarm control cabinet level 95 – 98% of the cargo tunnel will be designed with the number of channels depending on each specific vessel
  • The cargo tunnel level control cabinet is integrated with the siren alarm, and an additional set of horn lights extends outside
  • Additional optional alarms can be provided upon the vessel’s own request.

Refer to the more popular 9598% set:

9598% Shanghai Rongde Equipment

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