Hệ thống giám sát khí Hydrocarbon buồng bơm Hanla

Hanla Pump room Hydrocarbon Gas Monitoring System

The pump chamber Hydrocarbon gas monitoring system (also known as HC pump chamber gas alarm system) is designed and manufactured in accordance with ocimf and IMO international standards, decrees and terms. The system includes gas sensors, isolated detonator sets, Analox 1300 control and display modules and other essential supplies. The system uses monitoring and alarm of hydrocarbon gases in the pump chamber area and can integrate monitoring of oxygen content in the relevant area.

ANALOX 1300 Fire And Explosion Alarm Monitoring Module:

AMALOX 1300 FLAMMABLE GAS DETECTION MONITORING UNIT is designed wall-mounted, can simultaneously monitor 4 channels for gases: Explosion, Oxygen, Toxic Gas, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure. The measured gas content is displayed on the LCD screen, on the module integrates function buttons that perform the adjustment, calibration, and setting of necessary parameters and alarm thresholds.

Basic specifications:

  • Maximum number of sensors……………….. 4Max
  • Feed voltage source…………………………. 200V AC


  • Oil tanker pump chamber
  • Storage area, or in causing an explosion-causing gas area
  • Factories, chemical storage areas.

Refer to The HC Gas detection system by Rongde

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