Bộ điều khiển đa năng Rongde RDYB-208

Rongde RDYB-208 Multi-Function Intelligent Controller

The RDYB-208 multifunction display is used to simultaneously monitor 8 4~20mA input current signal channels at the same time. Equipment is often used mainly in thermoe thermoe temperature systems such as level monitoring, temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring, flow monitoring …

Common applications are oil tanker pump pressure monitoring system, Pipeline pressure alarm system, Hydrocarbon gas alarm monitoring system in the pump chamber …


  • Power Supply: DC18V~DC28V
  • Output relay:
  • J0—Close when there is an error
  • J1—Close when the signal reaches a low alarm level
  • J2—Close when the signal reaches a high alarm level
  • J3—Close when a siren signal is available
  • In-line signal: analog current signal 4~20MA
  • Maximum number of channels allowed: 8 channels
  • Contact power: AC250V/2A
  • RS485: 2400bps
  • Measured value scale: -999~999 (Adjustable setting possible)
  • Sound alarm model for J3:
  • Close under high alarm
  • Close quarter-switch under low alarm
  • Close three quarter-switches under fault alarm
  • Full size: 80H ×160W×140L (mm)
  • Line size (Use holes in electrical cabinets): 76H×153W (mm)

Featured features:

  • Self-check for system errors, check for sensor errors yourself
  • LCD screen, can set a variety of units using Stick
  • S1: extended functionality
  • RS485: main communication
  • Adjust the “full range” “zero” with the keyboard
  • Browsed by CCS registry

Actual images:

Rongde RDYB-208 Pressure or Gas Concentration Meter
Rongde RDYB-208 Pressure or Gas Concentration Meter

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