Bộ hiển thị đa năng Rongde RDYB-216

Rongde RDYB-216 Marine multi-function indicator

The RDYB-216 multi-function display can simultaneously monitor 16 input Pt100 temperature signal channels. The device is applied to thermoe thermoe dynamic systems such as liquid level, temperature, pressure, flow …

The most common application of the device is: Cargo pump temperature alarm system for oil vessels (pump casing temperature, wall shaft and support pillow) or pump temperature monitoring and warning system.


  • Power Supply: DC18V~DC28V
  • Accuracy: 0.1%FS
  • Input signal: Pt100,
  • Number of input channels: 16
  • Output contact power: AC 250V/2A
  • Output signal: Horn and light
  • RS485: 2400 bps
  • Maximum number of channels allowed: 16 channels
  • Full size: 80H ×160W×140L (mm)

Featured Features

  • Anti-drift, jumping, self-checking errors
  • Connect data processing and transmission via RS485 communication
  • Alarm thresholds can be set above and below
  • There are output alarm contact points to optionally take alerts everywhere
  • When the temperature value reaches a high or low threshold, the bright alarm, siren and alarm contact will also close.
  • All parameters can be set using the button on the device. Integrates a number of special features to reduce errors in the state of shaking… to ensure the accuracy of the system.
  • Approved appropriate type by CCS registry.

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