Bộ hiển thị đa năng Rongde RDBJ-12A 

Rongde RDBJ-12A Marine multi-function indicator

The Rongde RDBJ-12A multi-function display can simultaneously monitor 12 input contact relay-type signal channels, which are commonly used in thermoe dynamic indicators such as level indicators, pressure indicators, temperature alarms and flow indicators. The most common system used is the 95 98% cargo level reporting system for oil vessels as below.

Rode RDBJ-12A Multi-Function Display

  • Power Supply: DC18V~DC28V
  • Input signal type: Relay signal
  • Maximum number of channels: 12 Channels
  • Output relay: passive contact type
  • Connection protocol: RS485
  • Output contact power: AC220V/2A
  • J01/J02: output alarm contact, K1 (correspond GND), K2 (correspond GND), K3 (correspond GND): circumscribed entrance point for push button to silence, alarm acknowledge and testing
  • Full size: 75W×158H×88L (mm)
  • Installation hole size (Used when breaking holes in electrical cabinet surface): 75W×15 H (mm)

Feature Highlights:

  • Self-check the source, check for system errors yourself
  • Sensor loss alarm
  • RS485 Transmission Connection Protocol
  • LED High Light Display
  • Type approved by Chinese registry CCS

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